Q:  What does clay-bar do for my vehicle?

A:  Detailing clay bars clean paint below the surface. Some contaminants grip, even penetrate the clear coat. Detailing clay safely removes these contaminants from the paint and leaves your vehicle feeling slick and smooth.

Q:  What is crevice cleaning?

A:  Our crevice cleaning technique uses compressed air to blow out any debris or gunk trapped in those hard to reach places, such as coin holders, in between or under seats, along panel edges, inside a/c vents, dials, etc. This gets everything out without the use of sharp or prying tools that could damage or scratch your interior.

Q:  What kind of towels do you use on my car? Will it damage the paint?

A:   We only use top quality microfiber towels and rags on your car to ensure your paint isn’t harmed during the detailing process. Regular towels can cause micro scratches and ruin the finish of your paint. This shows up as thousands of tiny scratch lines visible when you look at your car under direct light. Not using microfiber towels is one of the contributors to this unsightly look when people walk past your car.

Q:  What payment methods do you accept

A:   We except Cash,Credit, and Check.

Q:   How long does it take?

A:   Normally, our details range from 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on your car’s condition and detail package you’ve selected.

Q:   Do I need to schedule an appointment?

A:   Yes, appointments are required. Due to demand during peak times, it is necessary to ensure we have enough time to make sure your car receives a quality detail.

Q:   Do you have everything you need to detail my car?

A:   B&B arrives in a fully-stocked van, everything to detail your car, generator, pressure washer, soaps and chemicals, etc. All we need is access to a water source within a 100 ft distance of your vehicle.

Q:   What should I do with my car before you arrive?

A:   Please remove all personal effects and items you wouldn’t want at risk of being thrown away or seen. Would you go to the dentist with food in your teeth?

Q:   Are you available in the evenings?

A:   Yes, we offer evening and weekend details by appointment only. We can come to you and perform our detail services while you relax comfortably in your own home.

Q:   Can you come to my work?

A:   Yes we are a 100% mobile we carry our own water, electricity etc. all you need to provide is the vehicle.

Q:   Can you clean my motorcycle / boat / RV?

A:   Yes we clean anything that rolls and even sometimes things that sit. additional charges may apply. contact us for details and rates

Q:   What areas do you cover?

A:   Our primary coverage area includes the Katy / West Houston area, including Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, Bear Creek, Cy Fair, River Oaks and the Galleria, among others. We also cover the entire Greater Houston area including etc, etc, However, trip charges may apply for these areas.

Q:   How long have you been detailing cars?

A:   We have been detailing cars since 2007. Our work featured in duPont Registry, Barrett-Jackson auto auction, Car & Driver magazine and more.

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