Take Our Advice for a Clean & Impressive Vehicle!

  • It is best to wash your car weekly, whether a professional detailing service like B&B provides the service, or you do it yourself. Contaminants can quickly cause serious long-term damage to your vehicle’s paint if they are allowed to remain on the surface for too long. It is virtually impossible to avoid bug remains and bird droppings if you regularly drive your vehicle. These organic hazards contain complex proteins that bond to the surface, and acids that penetrate and break down the surface, eating into your clear coat if not removed promptly. Weak spots in the clear coat make your vehicle vulnerable to corrosion and discoloration.
  • You may not realize it, but brake dust can damage your vehicle’s paint. It contains metal shavings and adhesives, and is very harsh and sticky itself. Washing your vehicle on a weekly basis will remove brake dust and prevent unattractive damage to its paint.
  • Never wash your vehicle in direct sunlight. Pick a shady spot.
  • Always wash your wheels and tires first. If you splash wheel cleaners or dirt onto your vehicle, you can simply wash it off as you clean the exterior of your car. Use a cleaner that is appropriate for all wheel types. Use two buckets: one bucket filled with soapy water, and the other filled with clean water. When you need more soap, dip your sponge in the clean bucket first to rinse out the dirt you’ve just cleaned off your vehicle. Then you may dip it in the soapy bucket to continue effectively washing your car. This avoids any soapy swirl marks on your vehicle’s paint.
  • It’s very important to choose detailing tools that are gentle on your vehicle’s paint, yet are still effective at removing dirt and other materials. Always use sponges and mitts that are plush or microfiber instead of ordinary bath towels or dense cleaning sponges. Your car’s paint is often gentler than your dishes – and more expensive to repair! 
  • To prevent water spots, it’s crucial that you dry your vehicle ASAP after washing it. Mineral deposits from water can permanently create the outline of even the smallest drop of water into your vehicle’s paint. Whether you use water from the hose, or wait for the next rainfall, all water has minerals in it. These minerals remain on the surface as the water evaporates, and they will ultimately create annoying and unsightly water spots. Use a microfiber towel or a paint-safe squeegee to dry your vehicle effectively.

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